Old Time Radio Listen Station PRIMETIME SCHEDULE


Prime times are from midnight Eastern time Monday through Friday to 4AM Eastern and repeated from Noon Eastern to 4PM and feature thematic days.
Everyday we start out with Suspense, Superman & Soap-time. Suspense is an anthology featuring well-known Hollywood actors. It's 30 minuets of great radio. Then it's time for the man of steel, Superman and after that Soap-time for all those great old-time radio soap operas.
Superman and Soap-time feature continuing story-lines just like back in the day. Let's now do a food analogy. Now that you have had the appetizer, it's time for the main course. And like good meal preparation there's a different meal each day. Oh by the way each meal last two hours.

Monday is Mystery Monday. Mystery house features (No surprise here) Mystery's. Jim French Mystery's present new mystery's made fresh weekly from Seattle.

Tuesday is Detective Tuesday. First it's The Beat - police stories followed by Private Eye's - your favorite private eyes in action. Next it's a full hour of crime on Crime files.

Wednesdays prime-time we go out to the old west with Western Wednesdays. We start off with Sagebrush & Saddles. Listen for a full hour of programs like Have Gun Will Travel, Frontier Gentleman & Fort Laramie. This is the place to hear classic adult westerns. Speaking about adult westerns the next program is the top of the list, Gun-smoke. Follow Matt Dillon, Chester, Doc, Kitty and all the folks of 1860's Dodge City Kansas on Gun-smoke. Next it's something for the kids or the kid in you on Western Trails. Shows like the Lone Ranger and the Cisco Kid are heard every week.

Thursday better known as Drama Thursday features two hours of radio drama weekly. The first hour is the Playhouse and features older dramas like the Lux Radio Theater and their adaptations of classic movies. Next it's Sound-stage 60 that features newer drama like the Mutual Radio Theater.

Friday and on the Radio Theater Channel means Comedy Fridays. First it's the Comedy Zone with a selection of old-time radio comedy's and sitcoms. Then it's everybody's favorite school teacher Eve Arden on Our Miss Brooks. We wrap up Comedy Friday with one of radio's heavy hitters Burns & Allen.

Staying with our dinner analogy, if Mystery Monday / Detective Tuesday / Western Wednesday / Drama Thursday & Comedy Friday are the main course then it's time for the dessert. On the Radio Theater Channel that's going to be a daily helping of the Jack Benny show radio's number one comedy. We follow that with two 15 minute shows. First it's off to visit those Arkansas hill folk Lum & Abner in a continuing storyline. Then it's a full week adventure with radios star detective Johnny Dollar. So that's our prime-time lineup on the Radio Theater Channel. If it sounds good to you now, just imagine how great it's going to sound when you tune in, Just hit play. The greatest lineup in old-time radio is here on the Radio Theater Channel.

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