Around Dodge City and in the territory out west there's just one way to handle the killers , the spoilers and that's with the U.S. Marshal and the smell of Gunsmoke.
The year was 1952 one year before television viewership was to equal that of radio listeners that was the year that Gunsmoke came to radio. The program was born out of ideas by Norman MacDonnell and John Meston and it presented a new kind of realism to radio drama. Tapped for the project were the CBS in-house regulars Matt Dillon was played by William Conrad of TV's Jake and the fat-man & Cannon fame.Cast Gunsmoke
Parley Bear was Chester Proudfoot, Matt's back up. Doc Adams was the only doctor around Dodge and Kitty was a saloon girl that Matt had an understanding with. Dillon tried to keep a lid on the Old West until eastern civilization could take over. In the meantime there was all the wildness of the wild wild west. The TV version of Gunsmoke (one of the longest running series) pales by comparison to the older radio version. William Conrad was Matt Dillon. It's raw, it's real, it's Gunsmoke part of Western Wednesdays on the Radio Theater Channel.

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