Old Time Radio Listen Station PRIME-TIME SCHEDULE II


Earlier we talked about our prime-time thematic days, MYSTERY MONDAY, DETECTIVE TUESDAYS, WESTERN WEDNESDAY, DRAMA THURSDAY &
That what's on the prime-time schedule and that's a hard act to follow.
So whats on the Radio Theater Channel for the rest of the eight hours on our daily schedule? ( for those of you who do the math, yes that's only 12 hours. Remember that everything is repeated at noon eastern.) For those 8 hours we have picked out some of radios biggest hits and we give you those hits at the same time everyday Monday through Friday and when possible in the order of their original broadcast and with restored sound. In everyone's top list of old time radio programs you will find these shows so lets list them.
We start off with Escape's classic stories of adventure.
Then it's ONE Man's FAMILY, one of radio's most popular soap opera's.
Next it's detective action and a song with RICHARD DIAMOND PRIVATE DETECTIVE.
Our next soap is all about MAMA BLOOMS BROOD.
Next one of radios best remembered comedy's we┬┤re off to Wistful vista for a visit with FIBBER McGee AND MOLLY.
After Fibber we will follow the action of a young firefighter on radio's FIRE FIGHTERS.
OK we have spent some time with the firemen now we go down the street to the police department to see what's up with detective Joe Friday on radio's DRAGNET.
Next we spend an entertaining quarter hour with BILL STERN and his sports stories some true some could be true, you decide.
Next it's back to comedy with the first spinoff ever THE GREAT GILDER-SLEEVE. These are great sitcoms that hold up very well even today.
What better to follow up GILDER-SLEEVE but BING CROSBY & ROSEMARY CLOONEY with 15 minuets of song and patter.
To balance all that happiness let's next head off for New York city for a highly stylized police adventure with Danny Clover on BROADWAY IS MY BEAT.
The next 15 minuets are devoted to life in the small house halfway up in the next block as we visit with VIC & SADE.
Our acoustic tour through radio's best hours concludes with two hours of variety on THE GOLDEN AGE OF RADIO.
That's it and as the doctor would say to you when he gives you the prescription, take this everyday for five days a week.

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