Suspense started on June 17 1942 and just kept on until September 30 1962.
Twenty years is a long run and radio's outstanding theater of thrills
lived up to the title by delivering week after week of life and death situations
withholding solutions of the story until the last possible moment.
Among the well known episodes are such radio classics as Donovan's Brainsuspense donovans Brain
a two part Sci-Fi story and House in Cypress canyon.
It also includes the classic Sorry Wrong Number starring Agnes Moorehead.Agnes Moorehead Suspense
That play was so popular that a movie was made based on the
radio script.
Speaking of Hollywood, during the years Autolight sponsored
the program many movie stars made the trip before the CBS
microphones to keep you in


Week after week of solid performances made this one of the bright spots for radio
listeners then and now. Thanks to collectors and others most of the series is here
today for us to enjoy again.
The Radio Theater Channel is proud to lead off our prime-time programing
with this classic of old time radio. Check the schedule and put yourself
in S U S P E N S E.

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