Lum and Abner

Long before the Andy Griffith show there was Lum & Abner. Lum in real life was Chester Lauck. Abner was Norris Goff. On the show they played most of the voices of the town of Pine Ridge where the story takes place. Lum (Lauck) was Cedric Wehunt - the oldest kid in town, Cedric was mentally in low gear, I mean S-L-O-W. Lauck was also the voice of grandpappy Spears - Abners checkers playing partner and the towns cantankerous old man. Abner (Goff) was the voice of Squire Skimp - the town's con-man and hustler. and Dick Huddleston (a real man and store owner in Waters Arkansas) and on the show, voice of reason. Lum & Abner ran the jot'em down store.Lum and Abner Lauck and Goff wrote most of the shows on this comic soap opera in fact many of the shows were ad libbed. The feel of the program is definitely country and slow paced. But if you stick with it, it is guaranteed to grow on you. Pine Ridge started out as a mythical town but ended up very real when in 1936 the town of Watters Arkansas changed it's name to Pine Ridge to elebrate the fifth anniversary of Lum & Abner on the air. The program aired from July 27 1931 till May 15 1953. The show had a long run and thankfully most of it was saved for us to savior one more time. "So now let's see what's going on in Pine Ridge" Listen to radios original Mayberry. Listen to Lum and Abner, Monday through Friday durring primetime on the Radio Theater Channel

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  1. Thanks for this discussion of "Lum and Abner!" I've been a fan for many years, and would like to invite everyone to read (and listen to) my "Lum and Abner" comic strip. We started it in June 2011 and are into our second year. It is done "Sunday-style" in color, and it set in the same time period as the "Lum and Abner" show. The audio version is available for anyone who wishes to listen. I started it with our blind friends in mind. It contains voices, sound effects, and music, and is sort of a "miniature Lum and Abner" program. (No way do I claim to do perfect imitations, of course - there was only one Norris Goff and one Chester Lauck!)

    We also have a Facebook group for the comic strip. And with your permission, I'd like to share your link with everyone. Please let me know.

    Thanks again!

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