When I first heard of Johnny Dollar I was dismissive of the series. After all an insurance investigator (read that investigator looking into money ripoff's) named Johnny Dollar, Come on. What next, Rockie Steel, Tough Guy. Once again it pays to stick with it. Yours Truly Johnny Dollar is in the running for the best of the radio detective genera. First airing over CBS on Feb 18 1949. The show had a respectable run all the way to the end of drama radio in America. In fact it was the last dramatic offering on the CBS radio network. When the "Dollar" show left the air on September 30th 1962 they turned off the lights in the drama studios forever. John Lund played Johnny Dollar but I think the show hit all the marks when Bob Baily took the roll. For most of it's run it was a 30 minuite program except for the 1955 - 56 season when it ran Monday through Friday 15 minutes per day.Johnny Dollar Jack Johnstone was the producer during this time and the scripts were witten with accurate details checked that day about geography and prices. Johnny Dollar worked as a free lance investigator working not only in the states but sometimes all around the world to bust the crooks doing his part in keeping your insurance rates low. All this chronicled by his expense account similar to the way Paul Harvey would lead into parts of his program with "page one, page two" Johnny would puncuate the story by dictating to you the price of his airline ticket for the expense account then lead into the next part of the story. Johnny Dollar is pure ear-candy. Don't miss it. It's part of the Radio Theater Channel's primetime. Check out our schedule and join in on the fun (matter) on Yours Truly Johnny dollar.

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