The Radio Theater Channel’s new home – is HERE!


If you were re-directed to this site via our former ANGELFIRE address,
to our super 'new' website - officially beginning now!

We'll have ALL the Weekday Primetime schedules posted here promptly, as well as our weekly podcasts every Monday- along with many other featured writings about the many OTR stars and shows...

..and best of all, this newly designed site makes it easier for YOU to leave a comment; simply click on the red FEEDBACK flag on the left here and DO let us know your thoughts...
The Radio Theater Channel is still with ALLTIMEOLDIES.COM in the live streaming.
All references to our past handles of 'REN', 'Radio Entertainment Network' or 'RadioENT' may continue to appear in the online search engines, for those just discovering us for the very first time..

So be sure to tell all your friends about this super NEW site!
We look forward to your feedback regarding our new appearance -

- and always, we THANK YOU for listening!
-Jim Dolan/General Manager - (radioent(at)

The RTC Radio Theater Channel

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