I would like to invite you to go where many of you have yet to go. No nothing as fearsome as bungee jumping off a tall bridge or even as strenuous as mountain climbing. No just turn on the Radio Theater Channel on the weekend, what - you say that's a letdown. Where's the adventure in that, well not so fast. In old TV Rod Serling invited you to step into the Twilight Zone and on the Radio Theater Channel we have our own version of that. We ask you to Re-Monitor, AHA - Not sexy enough for you, Let's take the test. Do you like history, how about going back to world war two to relive the play by play action of the war news. Re-monitorThen try on a game show or two for size. We will sample some great big band music preformed live back in the day. Re-Monitor is versatile, next we'll push that time traveling dial forward to the 1970's to listen to excerpts of NBC'S Monitor Beacon. Re-Monitor is the cleanup hitter of Old Time Radio bringing you the little heard and interesting parts of network radio. Its the balance for all the major radio series you listen to Monday through Friday. So take your smart phone to the beach this weekend and catch Re-Monitor on Saturday's and Sunday's.

Check the schedule for broadcast times. " CUE the Twilight Zone music - and fade under and out".

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