SPIN THE DIAL “Our Miss Brooks”

Hello again I'm back with some listening suggestions to occupy your spare time.. if you have any. Lets take a listen to:


OUR MISS BROOKSTo do this we will go on over to Comedy Friday. The OUR MISS BROOKS cast features the stage actress Eve Arden. I have heard tell that William Paley the then head of CBS wanted Eve Arden for the roll as she was a personal favorite of his. Eve plays Connie Brooks a high school teacher who's plans for the future center more on a pending marriage with a fellow male teacher then a career as a teacher.
The object of her affection is the very eligible, shy and clueless Philip Boynton played by Jeff Chandler. The fly in the soup of Connies otherwise happy life is the irascible, dictatorial, principal of Madison high one Mr. Osgood Conklin.
As is true with all situation comedys, once we have carefully crafted all our players personality's and predispositions then all we have to do is drop the humorous problem into the mix and off the well oiled machine goes like hockey players after the puck at face-off. Week after week year after year the cast and writers of OUR MISS BROOKS delivered the goods
This program did as much to popularize the teachers.our miss brooks and their problems as PERRY MASON did for inspiring applicants for the nations law schools.
OUR MISS BROOKS won many awards and the show made the transition to television. Not bad for a
high school teacher who would have been pleased with money for rent and a husband to cook for.

Did Connie get the rent money?

Did Connie bag Mr. Philip Boynton?

You'll have to tune in and find out.
Check the schedule for broadcast times. This time you won't mind going back to school, lot's of fun - no tests.

OUR MISS BROOKS is part of our Comedy Fridays.

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