Some school teachers have been using old time radio in their classrooms as a way of teaching history. Programs like "HEAR IT NOW" and "YOU ARE THERE" highlight the history of the United States and world history. Programs like "CAVALCADE OF AMERICA" told the stories of famous people in the history. The program won many awards and "CAVALCADE" was well researched by scholars.

Crime history was not ignored. "CRIME CLASSICS" highlighted true stories of notorious crimes drawn from newspaper accounts of the time and even included period music recorded specifically for the program.

Even well known programs such as "DRAGNET" won many awards for their compelling recreations of true crimes. Joe Friday was fiction but the crimes that he solved were drawn from real accounts of case historys from the LAPD. The show was praised for it's realistic portrayal the police and their methods.

Thank's to electrical transcriptions (large records then in use to record programs by broadcasters) we have extensive live recordings of news including much of the day to day events from World War Two.

If you know of a school teacher who is interested in immersing their class into the history and culture of 20th century America, let them know about old time radio. There is no better way to learn history then to hear it for your self. Listen and draw your own conclusions. And the Radio Theater Channel is the place to hear it.

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