An obvious truism but think about it for a minute. Without focus what you see is color patches, light and dark areas. What you see does not translate to usable information. What you see may be interesting but not very useful. But this is a radio blog so what does focus have to do with the Radio Theater Channel?

Focus can be applied to content as well as vision. The content of the Radio Theater Channel is radio drama. When we apply focus to the presentation of our radio drama we are creating a schedule.

The purpose of our schedule is to present our choices of drama's, comedies mysteries exc. in a way to showcase the talents of the performances so they translate to our modern audience.

Our job is to find the best programs from radio's first 30 years and present them in a focused way that makes the total listener experience greater then the sum of it's parts.

The Theater Channel's job is not to present all that was once on the air during the golden age of radio. We are not a radio museum. We are really not about nostalgia although naturally that does come through in the programs as they come to us from decades back.

We are about classic, timeless entertainment presented to modern listeners in the same way that cable TV and satellite TV present classic TV and movie channels.

So let us do the work for you. We will find the best shows and fix the sound. Apply our brand of focus to create the best schedule.

We won't waist your time. Just the best. All the time. On the Radio Theater Channel.

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